Version 1.0

User Guide

How to use the Value Lab

  1. Please, leave the room as you have found it.
  2. If something is not working as you would expect it, first look for a solution in this documentation. If that doesn’t help check if there is a ticket for your problem in the ticketing system. If there is none, create a ticket. (You should login if you have a Value Lab Account, otherwise you won’t be able to edit your ticket).
  3. In case of an emergency take the phone in the sideboard and call 37214 (D.Shin) or 32780 (L.Treyer). If you don’t get a response you may write an email to or fetch some help at the Chair for Information Architecture in HIT H31/32. If you experience Windows problems you might call the ISG-Arch as a (last!) option.


How to use this manual:

  1. Hover your mouse over the list below the images and/or click on the listitems.
  2. There are two iPads in the ValueLab, so there is always an extra screen to display this website – you don’t have to print anything.


Reminder for poeple guiding a tour