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On iPad scrolling the list is done with two fingers!
STOP/OFF Button: When pressing the OFF-button
the ValueLab and all the devices will turn off, the
shaders will go up, and the lights will be on for
approximately ten more minutes. Everybody
is able to leave before the room goes to dark
with shutting down the power completely.

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On this page the Control Panel is simulated. You can use it almost the same as if you were in the Value Lab. Back Button = «; Additionally you can click on the items in the list. The different configurations to choose are introduced on the “Configuration Page” as well.

  • Single ModeAll displays driven by one computer. Choose displays.
  • Operation SystemAfter choosing a display setup, choose the OS.
  • Multi ModesChoose between “Board + Table” and “Free Mode”.

    “Board + Table” is a standard configuration which runs two individual computers. Moving windows between board and table won’t be possible in this configuration. As an operation system it is possible to choose Win7 twice or Win7 and OSX once for each machine.more on computers

  • Free ModeYou can map different display groups to different machines

    You can use the 3 Value Lab machines (2xPC 1xMac). Please contact us if you want to run your own OS other than Win7. If possible you will get a seperate SAN disk space.

  • Startup ProcessThis process has fixed timers. Please wait.

    In order to turn on the displays press “Verbose”. This lets you have a look at the display output of the machines starting up.