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STOP/OFF Button: When pressing the OFF-button
the ValueLab and all the devices will turn off, the
shaders will go up, and the lights will be on for
approximately ten more minutes. Everybody
is able to leave before the room goes to dark
with shutting down the power completely.

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To get a feeling for the interface interaction please refer to the “Siemens Auditorium” or “Video Conferencing” pages which simulate the actual control panel interface. In addition to those control panels here you have the possibility to map screens to an input. To do so please select first the screens you want to use for your presentation, then the source you have connected to the Value Lab. This may be your laptop. As a reference the different connection types are listed below:

Devices for the AUX connection can be selected in the Options menu. By default the Blue Ray Player is connected. Digital TV and one free slot called “Game” are also available.

VGA connector
DVI connector