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  • Touch Displays3×82″, 2×62″1920×1080

    There are three 82″ touch displays at the wall and two 65″ touch displays on the table all with FullHD 1920×1080 resolution. They are equipped with a PQLabs G3 multitouch overlay which is capable to detect up to 32 touch events simultaniously.

  • Control Panels: 1x wall mounted, 1x iPad (sideboard)

    There are two possibilities to control the Value Lab. One with the wall mounted touch panel next to the left door, second with the portable AMX touch panel which runs on the iPad. Beneath the left door you also find controls for air conditioning (L├╝ftung) and lights.

  • Speakers DeskDVI, VGA, RJ45, AUX, Printer

    You can bring your own Notebook and connect it to the Speakers Desk. There is a drawer built in containing all the cables you need. There is even a printer/copier in the speakers box – just in case. Connections: DVI In, VGA In, Audio In, RJ45 Ethernet, Power (swiss connector Typ J SEV 1011). Close Up

  • Sideboard5xMic, 3xKeyboard&Mouse, iPad’s, Remote

    The sideboard contains all important input devices: 3 wireless keyboards & mouse, microphones for video conferencing, the remote for the video conferencing system and USB plugs. You can use the keyboard to have more comfort when writing. You may need to reset the Bluetooth connection. Therefore press the red button on the receiver and the button on the bottom side of the keyboard. The keyboard and mouse with the yellow dot usually is connected to VL Host 1 (Wall). The sideboard also contains the receivers for the microphones as well as the audio amplifier.more

  • Video Conferencing SystemTandberg 6000 MXP

    The remote for video conferencing can be found in the sideboard. It looks like a TV remote and got the name “Tandberg” written on it. The Video Conferencing System proved to be very reliable and delivers better quality than more popular systems like Skype.Tandberg is a brand by Cisco Systems. If you don’t have a room system you can connect to it with Scopia; else you can use Codian.

  • Projectors31920×1080

    You can use three projectors, two of them being able to merge half of their images to one centered projection.

  • USB / Network Plugs15

    You can use the USB connectors to connect to one of the three ValueLab computers. The USB connectors next to the screens are mapped to the computer that is mapped to the screens. In the sideboard the USB connectors are directly connected to one of the three machines (refer to the caption).

  • Multimedia ConnectionDVI, VGA, AUX

    There are DVI, VGA and Audio IN’s an OUT’s integrated in the floor.

  • DVD ROM1
  • Roll Containers6

    These can be used as storage space for workshop attendees or as some sort of improvised desk which you can use to make notes or put your laptop on.

  • Lift and lower buttons

    The table’s height might be adjusted electronically to your needs.

  • Surveillance Camera

    Can be turned on and off on the touch panel.

  • Wardrobe2

    Two stands to save space if the Value Lab is used by a large group.

  • Office Chairs12
  • Reserve Chairs20
  • Terrace