• Have a look at the ticket system. Your problem might be an known issue.
  • There is a reset button for the whole Value Lab. Press it for 3 seconds and wait about 4 minutes for a complete restart. Find it below the right board screen.

Control Panel

  • The control panel on the iPad has audible feedback. When it is not able to identify your input, you’ll hear the click sound twice.
  • In case there is an echo during a videoconference, adjust the volume of the microphones slightly to a lower volume. If it is not stabilizing itself you need to reconnect. This problem comes usually from a long line latency delay. (The audio unit of the value lab is not recognizing the echo as an echo due to a delay any longer.)


  • If USB ist not working, you can reset USB.
  • In case a PC is frozen you can hard power off the machine.
  • When screen is displayed with wrong position vertically, you can switch off and on the screen manually at the option menu (Cautious, do not touch the PC’s on/off button).


  • From time to time the podcast channels are rest to default (changing to presentation mode etc.) Therefore you need to keep an eye on the recording app to check if everything is allright.
  • If the recording of the camera does not work perhaps somebody misconfigured the Tandberg. The Tandberg System should send its signals in 720p, 60Hz.
  • If a channel is black, you may need to re-plug the HDMI cables connected to the podcast computer.