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The Value Lab is equipped with a Tandberg Video Conferencing System with two cameras attached to it. You may control it with the remote which can be found in the sideboard.
To call it from outside please have sombody in the Value Lab who can find the IP number in the menu ( Menu -> Control Panel -> Network -> LAN Settings -> IP Settings).

  • Camera selection You can select camera 1 (Corner) and camera 2 (front center) with the buttons.
  • Camera control You can adjust the selected camera’s angle and zoom ratio with these buttons.
  • Line up the camera 1 you can align the camera 1 (corner) pushing the button (1) preset and (2) key pad no.1.
  • Line up the camera 2 you can align the camera 2 (front center) pushing the button (1) preset and (2) key pad no.2.

In order to send a screen to the far end, press the blue presentation button and the selected screen on the control panel under video conference/ “screen-to-tandberg” will be sent to your conversation partner.

  • Send presentationIn order to send presentation screen, first, assign the presentation screen” and push the button “presentation” on the remotecontoler.

Don’t forget the microphones when you do a video conference. They are in the sideboard as well. There are microphones which you can stick to your pullover and there are two area microphones. You can put them on the tables or move one of the rolling containers. The microphones have a button. After you take them out of the sideboard press the button once and you should see the green light after two seconds.

When transmitting a Value Lab session to the Siemens Auditorium you should collarorate with the facility management. Please call Mr. Didier Heiniger at 044 633 70 58.