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On iPad scrolling the list is done with two fingers!

Use two fingers to scroll:

  • Take the white iPad 
  • Start RealVNC 
  • Choose Podcastmachine 
  • Startup BoinxTV
  • Choose PresetsiAPodcast Template = 720p; to channels with PIP.
  • In BoinxTVRecord Button in the top bar; “Live” Buttons to toggle channels on/off.
  • Choose ChannelsSet Channel 1 & 2 as you prefer.
  • RECORD!Don’t forget to press the record button (right next to the status display).
  • CopyCopy your video. Since there is no video server yet we kindly ask you to move your video files to your own storage/server share. The recordings are located in “Movies”. In case you should not know how to connect to an ETH server share, please refer to this tutorial