What you see in this video: Due to Tony Fretton being urged to give his critique via Skype, the Value Lab’s facilities were of great use, since they allow not only screen sharing, but screen capturing with the presenter being part of the image. This is how the presentation is much better understandable by both the audience in the room and the expert being connect via video conference, because to the expert it’s not only screensharing but screensharing AND seeing the presenter.

The Value Lab is designed for lectures and workshops which rely on different kinds of interactive information visualization. These visualizations can be shared around the world through a Video Conferencing System and/or a Podcasting System. Furthermore the Value Lab on its own is part of an ongoing research on how to integrate leading edge technology. Therefore it is an open infrastructure with the aim to add value to existing technology.

If you want to use the Value Lab for your research, workshop, lecture or presentation please contact the Value Lab Team: valuelab@arch.ehtz.ch.

For employees of the ETH the use of the Value Lab is free of charge, even though you are asked to book an introduction course. Consider the price list for more information.
For those who use the Value Lab regularly there is the possibility of having an account, in order to book the ValueLab on their own.